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You’re a Star

marnieinredDid you know that you were born with a powerful purpose within you? Like a star shining on a dark night, you’re here to light the way for others. Joyce Johnson Rouse wrote a song called “A Small Star” that Jana Stanfield sings. It is a beautiful reminder of how important each of us is and how if we allow ourselves to be our true selves, we can impact others for good:

You don’t have to feel brave to be brave.
And I don’t have to feel strong to be strong.
We don’t have to feel inspiring to inspire.
Remember when your road is rough and long:

Even a small star shines in the darkness
For someone somewhere to see.
It lights the way for those in the distance.
That’s what your courage means to me.

Maybe there are times you feel lonely.
Like no one sees the world the you do.
Remember each of us is made uniquely,
And no one ever sees their own magnitude.

So don’t be afraid to be a little brilliant.
Don’t be afraid to shine in someone’s eyes.
If we can trust the gifts that sometimes make us different.
Then we can all learn to shine, shine shine!”

 I hope you’ll visit this site often to find encouragement and insights. It’s my hope that you’ll embrace the perfection within your soul so you can shine!

Light Bearers Defined:

A Light Bearer is a wise, intuitive Inspired Creative who lovingly lights the way for others. A Light Bearer is passionate about assisting people in breaking free from bondage to ultimate freedom (whether the chains are of one's own making, generational or inflicted by others). They are courageous leaders for not only the rising generation but also for lifelong learners of any age.

You're Here for a Reason: Discover & Live Your Purpose